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From the time I can remember, I was always enamored with photographic images. Whether they be still frames or moving at 24 frames per second, there was always something about them that I found to be more honest and truthful to what I saw with the naked eye. Like so many professional photographers out there, I started with a second-hand camera and shot on film. You only had a handful of frames to get what you needed, and you had to know that you got it without the ability to review your shots until you got them back from the lab. Through the practice of shooting on film, I developed a sense of timing that still remains with me today.

When people find out what I do, they tend to think it’s just 'a pretty fun job'. It certainly can be, but what no one ever thinks about is that it’s far more rewarding than fun. What I do is help people. I help them find the person inside them that they always knew existed but that they couldn’t see with their naked eye.

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