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“Whalen’s bold color cinematography recalls Luciano Tovoli and his handheld camerawork is reminiscent of Matthew Libatique.”

-Paul Busetti





"John is a phenomenal director to work with.  He is able to convey his vision so vividly that he makes it easy for an actor to take risks and make choices that harmonize with all the other elements he so seamlessly puts together.”

-Natalie Christina / Actress






“I hired Whalen as the cinematographer for a feature film, and now can’t imagine working with anyone else. His photography is simply stunning and speaks for itself. He has an innate sense of how to light a room for dramatic effect and he’s great at improvising given any set of constraints. He has both an impeccable work ethic and the spirit of an artist. Hire this man, you’ll never regret it.”

–Nicholas Wagner Writer / Director

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